About us

About us

The powerful combination of business and technology experts

The success of your Digital Sales Transformation depends solely on the expertise orchestrating it. It needs to be guided by an army of business experts equipped with weapons of technology doyens.  Hence, we made sure that this solution to be realised by the powerful partnership that guarantees to bring Digital Transformation into LIFE

HEED expertise in sales & marketing management focused on customer-centric methodologies, with IdeatoLife specialization in digital solution development based on design thinking and people centric approaches.

Business Management Consultancy
Digital Transformation & Development Consultancy
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The four key elements you are looking for

DigitalTranformation.Life is an execution-based firm that collaborates with its customers to create practical solutions, successfully implement them, and set the needed plan for growth.

Capturing The Value

 Reaching impactful results by driving complex change and building competitive advantage.

Putting People at the Heart

Whilst technology is the catalyst for digital transformation, people are the drivers and the steerers.

Collaborative Work Model

We work in a collaborative model across your organization to make sure we both co-pilot the journey and reach impactful business results instead of pushing solutions that would not see light.

Discipline of Execution

we follow closely in building up the core to insure consistency and coherence until we guarantee the success of the project.


The complexity of bringing a Digital Transformation successfully to LIFE from building strategies, processes, to developing the right technology with the right customer experience, and harnessing data, puts us at an edge to adhere and ensure that we have a on the team a combination of Thinkers and Doers.

Meet the Board

Mazen Farah
Managing Partner, HEED

Ali Zein
CEO, ideatolife